Our successful students!

March 14, 2018

On the question "is there soul in the AIU?" We can easily answer: Yes, and you can not imagine how amazing it is! Interview, of course, will be about the most wonderful, smart, beautiful, creative, sometimes flying in the clouds- students. An ideal example is our student of the 4th year of the Management department-a bright and mega-positive Aliya Asanbekova. Aliya developed and made it work a whole student community -"HR Club" and after 2 years easily invites top managers of the companies to our university, who with great pleasure are lecturing and conducting trainings for our students.

-Aliya, hello! Tell us, please, what is the meaning of “HR Club”? 

- We opened this club 2 years ago, after my return from the University of Vistula in Poland, where I studied in exchange period. There we also opened such a club and on arrival in my native university, I firmly decided to implement this idea here in Ala-Too to bring a culture of self-development to the university, because we have these four years so that we can study hard and invest into ourselves. In the beginning there was an idea to develop our students, and only then came the answer to the question "how to do this?". Trainings of successful people are appropriate for this, because everyone wants to get acquainted with the most successful people of Kyrgyzstan and learn their secrets. Moreover, we did not see any obstacles and my friend helped me. At first we invited one speaker, then the second one, and it was so unexpected for the students. They, of course, really liked this and we continued.

We can be proud of the results, because today everything is systematized, there is a well-worked out scheme, we know how to work with the team, we have our own base, but then it was just the idea of ​​two girls (smiling).

-Participating in these trainings, what kind of result do the students achieve?

-The invited speakers give very valuable advice, because they are experienced people who also once were wrong and they have something to tell and share with the younger generation. They really want our students not to make the mistakes that they made in their time. Thus, students learn and can even save their resources, so as not to be mistaken. Often our students ask speakers what books they are reading, what really is worth doing as a student, and the speakers, in turn, try to give as much practice as it is so important. In general, the goal of the club is to prepare young graduates for labor realities.

- Kindly tell me more in details, whom of cool speakers did you invite, what did they tell you, what inspired our guys?

-We invited people like Aizhan Chynybaeva, owner of the “Prego” chain of restaurants and Daria Sukhodolova, a marketologist who promoted such projects as “Namba KG” and “LaLaFo”, that is, people who are difficult to invite by the away. They agreed because they noticed our passion. Moreover, Denis Gayvoronskiy, the general director of the company "Confectionery House" Kulikovskiy "visited us - he was the last speaker in the previous academic year.

I remember we gathered a lot of listeners then. Every training we have is very exciting and interesting, each speaker shares something of his own. For example, Denis Gayvoronskiy said that as a student he did not have enough money. And this is what he achieved now, he rose from scratch. Another great speaker was Meerim Taabaldieva, creator of the steep brand "Meerim Taab". Many girls simply adore her for her amazing shoes, which, incidentally, are made in Italy. Due to the fact that we had such a famous personality, our views in Instagram and on Facebook began to increase by thousands.


-As far as I know, the second stream of Career School is in full swing. What is this project about?

-As I said at the beginning, now the work of HR Club is systematized and now we adhere to this tactic: 10 days-10 people who have changed their life abruptly. Our students come to these trainings as they are, but as a result, they leave completely different, with clear goals and plans for their lives. In addition, there are 10 new amazing people in the list, with which the guys can just communicate and correspond with.

Moreover, we came to the conclusion that the result is rather important to us than the process. Now our trainings have a clear goal and relate to a specific mission. We try to prepare the guys for the beginning of their career so that they are ready for the labor market and ready to change.

-As far as I know, within the HR Club you visit different companies. Kindly tell in details.

-Yes, we already visited "Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers", got acquainted with the process of work in this company and we had a class tour through the territory. Now we are actively negotiating with the “Kulikovskiy” Confectionery House. We want to see how production works. 

I think it's very interesting to see the whole process live. Such trips widen your horizons and you do not just drink a cola, but you know exactly how these bottles are blown out, how the process of making a product goes.

- I would like to know what plans are at HR Club, because you are graduating, what will happen next with the club?

-Yes, but this does not affect the club in any way. We have an amazing team that has already shown itself and is ready to work further. We have already reached the interuniversity level, because among our participants there are students from AUCA, from KNU named after .Balasagyn, from KRSU. We expressed ourselves and are well known far beyond the limits of the AIU. The plans are great, we will continue, as I said, to make big company-tours, tours to different universities, even trips abroad are possible. In general, I'm sure that "HR Club" will grow into something more than just a university club. You will hear a lot about us! (laughing)

An interview by Elena Romanenko